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Early in 2003 I was gearing up with my core team at Intrawork to launch into perhaps the largest business deal of my life. I had amade an agreemet with the Directorate of Military Intelligence wanting to assist all in trying to better understand our place on Earth, our mission as a global people, and our essential existence as one people, here is the release of some of the more empowering messages that came to me in 2003.

Location: Tiger Creek, California. April, 2003.

I ask the people of this planet to engage and accept what I am about to announce to the world's people. I did not ask for this, these messages from our highness, rather I have been asked to accept this and offer these messages to all.

Earth is Heaven, we just have not accepted it. Please do not fear what I have come to offer. This is a call for a world-wide police call. Yes, prepare to cleanse the Earth, and her people. Awe! To wellness. Money, the claimed "root of all evil" its time has come. Equality shall be excelled. And to think, silly us, trying to control that of which is not controllable. And "In God We Trust" on our money? Silly!

- Choose positive over negative. Flow with the positive energy crushing the negative.
- Pay attention to your five (5) senses, perhaps there is a 6th.
- Breathe, the bouquet of scents offered.
- Listen, shhh hear the resonance from silence to Celtic chimes.
- See, in Technicolor rather than black and white.
- Taste each and every nibble of food you partake in.
- Hug all, with arms wide open.
- This is your freedom and your choice, for you ALL are of a greater power.
- Accept and engage in the positive energy and watch Heaven unfold
- Money shall eventually be burned.
- Look forward to people eating less meat and stopping all the killing.
- Baghdad, envision, 10 karat gold streets, overflowing with joyous people; dancing, singing, engaging, fresh flower petals scenting the softly water misted air with grand offerings of God's fruits and nuts.
- Look for the seven (7) Wonders and city centers to be paved in gold, Heaven cannot wait for us, the people, any longer.
- A race that gives and does not take.
- Look for the cure for Cancer, AIDS and other diseases such as Addiction to be arrested and crushed by Health and Wellness.
- Plan to have one last gas, perhaps to the deserts of Arizona where we shall produce a fuel car field graveyard. Hello Electronics and Ethanol!
- You are more than 90% water; drink up, play in it, splash around until you get prune fingers. And then? Do it again!
- No more signs, streetwise or otherwise, with the word "NO" on them. We are a "YES" people.
- Give, don't take.
- Notice the spark in others eyes.
- Revive with God's fruits and nuts.
- Observe nature at the molecular and global levels. Come with us scientists.
- Become aware of the trash on the roadside in your area code and help cleanse it.
- Come together.
- People will, and do, fear what is coming; we the people do not like change. So while some may deny the inevitable I kindly ask everyone to simply accept and surrender to this final challenge from God and let us, the People, rejoice world-wide.
- Life is a celebration
- Come, let's make together a more divine place for our children to come.
- I tell you that this land, our land, has the ability to feed all of us and more.
- It is a time to sit in awe of nature and believe in her.
- If we can imagine it, we can make it reality.
- Imagine a 1 day work week 6 day weekend.

The not so good news is this. While these messages and visions of the

Much Peace & Love.

A Gentle Warrior,

Scott Bruno

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