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    Below you will find extractions from the Da Vinci Code book by Dan Brown. I essentially took some of the more credible historical facts and attempted to justify them through research. I only wished that more Christians took the time to research how the bible came about and how Jesus' deity came abouCoptic Scrollst.  I hope that these few pieces of information will enlighten you rather than enrage you.

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From Sun Worship to Christianity
(Much of this was taken from the Da Vinci Code and edited by me)
What most Christians don't want to hear but is historically true and factual
The bible as we know it today was essentially re-written by the Pagan Roman emperor Constantine the Great. He was a life long Pagan that was baptized on his deathbed. At the time, in Rome, the official religion was Sun Worship, the cult of Sol Invictus and Constantine was its sole priest. Unfortunately for him, religious turmoil was abound in Rome and three centuries after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, Christians had multiplied exponentially. Warring between Christians and Pagans grew to an all time high and Constantine decided that in 325AD something had to be done so he decided to unify Rome under one religion, Christianity. In a brilliant move he essentially fused pagan symbols, dates and rituals with growing Christian tradition and created a hybrid religion which was accepted by both parties.

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"Transmogrification" or "the vestiges of pagan religion in Christian symbology" are undeniable. Egyptian sun disks become the halos of Catholic Saints, pictures of Isis nursing her son Horus became the Virgin Mary nursing baby Jesus, and all the other elements of the Catholic ritual; the miter, the alter, the doxology, and communion, the act of God eating, were taken directly from earlier pagan religions. Additionally, the pre-Christian God Mithras called the "Son of God and Light of the World"  was born on December 25th, died, was buried in a rock tomb and then resurrected in three days. Even Christians weekly holy day was taken from the pagans as originally the Jewish Sabbath was on Saturday but Constantine shifted this to coincide with the pagan veneration day of sun worship and made it "Sun"day. :)

Coptic ScrollsDuring this "Fusion of religions" Constantine needed to strengthen the new Christian tradition and in doing so he held a council called the Council of Nicaea, also known as the birth place of the Nicene Creed. At this gathering many aspects of Christianity were debated and voted upon which included the date of Easter, the role of the Bishops, the administration of sacraments, and lastly the divinity of Jesus. Until that moment in history Jesus was viewed by his followers as a mortal prophet, a great and powerful man, but mortal. So, in essence, Jesus's establishment as the "Son of God" was officially proposed and voted on by the Council of Nicaea. And yes, they passed the vote and indeed Jesus became divine in the eyes of the empire and a critical step in unifying the Roman empire to a new Vatican based power. Constantine had essentially turned Jesus into a deity who existed beyond the scope of the human world, an entity whose power was unchangeable.

Here’s the twist. Because Constantine upgraded Jesus’ status almost four centuries after Jesus’ death, thousands of documents already existed which chronicled Jesus’ life as a mortal man. To rewrite the history books Constantine knew he would have to perform something very large and with this sprung perhaps the most profound moment in Christian history. Constantine commissioned and financed a new bible, which omitted those gospels that spoke of Jesus’ human traits and embellished the traits that made him God like. The earlier gospels were outlawed, gathered up and burned. BUT, a few did survive.

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Anyone who chose the forbidden gospels over Constantine’s was deemed a heretic. The word heretic actually derives from that moment in history. The Latin word haerticus means choice and those who chose the older history of Jesus were the world’s first heretics.

AS I said earlier and to hopefully answer some questions. Some of the more human like scriptures about Jesus apparently survived.  The Dead Sea scrolls were found in the 1950’s hidden in caves in the Judean Desert. The Coptic scrolls were found in 1945 at Nag Hammadi. Now, this is all theory and what I am about to share may make people pissed but remember, this is theory folks.

These scrolls and documents apparently speak of Jesus in human terms and of course the last thing the Vatican wanted was to let the scrolls out so they did their very best to suppress them. The scrolls apparently highlight glaring discrepancies and fabrications, clearly confirming that the modern bible was compiled and edited by men who possessed political agenda (i.e. Constantine's wanting to win over Rome). Namely, to promote the divinity of the man Jesus Christ and use his influence to solidify their own power base. Not to forget that at the time, and even to this day, the Vatican is made up of men who believe that these documents are only false testimony.

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Some other interesting notes:

Moon day, Tiw's day, Woden's day, Thor's day, Frig's Day, Saturn's day, Sun day
Janus, a two-headed Roman God,
Februa, a Roman Pagan festival
Mars, a Roman God of war and fertility
Aprilis, the Roman Goddess of love
Maia, the Roman Goddess of the springtime
Juno, the Roman Great Mother Goddess
Julius Caesar, a Roman emperor
Augustus Caesar, another Roman emperor
September to December are based on the Roman numbers seven to ten.

From a Female World to a Male World 
(Much of this was taken from the Da Vinci Code and edited by me)

What most males might not want to hear
It is the female that bores the child, the female carries and gives life. And at one time in our society we as a people worshiped females as goddesses. It is believed that Constantine and his male successors converted the world from paganism to Christianity by formulating a crusade of publicity that demonized this sense of the sacred feminine, or Goddesses. This war decimated the "Goddess" from modern religion as we know it for ever more. The essential aid to crushing women in society is the Malleus Maleficarum.

The Malleus Maleficarum, or Witches Hammer, brainwashed the world to "the dangers of free thinking women" and instructed the clergy how to locate, torture and destroy them. Those who were deemed witches by the church included all female scholars, gypsies, mystics, priestesses, herb gatherers, nature lovers, and any women "suspecting to be attuned to the natural world." Mid wives were also summoned to death for their use of knowledge to ease pain and suffering at child birth. The church at the time claimed, that it was God's rightful punishment for Eve's partaking of the apple of knowledge, thus giving the idea to original sin. At the time three hundred years worth of witch hunts yielded an astonishing five million women burned at the stake. The propaganda worked and hence forth Constantine won his battles and so with it came no female priests. Today we rarely see female priests or preachers. We can easily sum this world up today as a "mans world" i.e "Mankind", and especially in far parts of the reaching world.

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Peace, Transportation & Greed
Why we have not chosen a better fuel
Back in world war I the Americans had an important choice to make when it came to its mechanized transportation units. That was they had to choose what to run their military transportation infrastructure on (This would later set the world standard for transportation). There were two choices, either to run the machines on an oil based fuel or an alcohol based fuel. They chose oil based fuel because the last thing they wanted to do was give up their drink (Alcohol beverage) in order to get somewhere, and at the time this made common sense for the times. Now that we look back this was a mistake as we see that America's top exports are wheat/grain combined with the fact that oil has become a depleted resource as well as a nasty pollutant which has degraded the atmosphere and caused much harm to our planet. Hope is not lost though.

We see a prime example in the Indy 500 race cars which run on methanol. They burn cleaner, hotter and faster and yet their base is of wheat/grain. After some basic research I have found that it would take less than $500 to convert a carburetor or fuel injected car from gasoline over to alcohol. You may ask now, where does greed come into effect? Well, as you can very well see, the USA has done its very best to wrap up an oil rich country being Iraq and has done its best to form close relationships with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It is fairly safe to say that the US oil reserves are running low but our wheat/grain is not. To eventually get to an electronic vehicle infrastructure I have found that it may very well take a stepping stone such as alcohol, methanol or ethanol to get there. Granted, greed from oil would switch hands and land in the farmers hands for some time and perhaps the corn farms to begin with however the price we would pay to convert would be much less than the price we might pay if we do nothing to convert; the ozone will handle so much before it is time that evolution and natural physics says it has had enough. Folks, this is not about "saving the planet" because you have my word that the planet will be here long after we will be; this is about saving humanity. Let's not get shaken off the planet like a bad case of the flees.


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Energy, Connections and Spiritual Speed
Where energy is unseen
All matter is based upon some sort of energy. In order to prove this you can simply break down any matter and find out. For instance, if we are to take a piece of your automobile, say the bumper, and place it under a microscope, at some level we would see atomic make up which would show us nuclei with positive and negatives spiraling around it. If we look at the "big picture" or into space and the universe we don't see much difference other than the fact that gravitational pull is assisting in the rotations. So, in essence, whether we look at our world at the smallest or largest level we will find clear similarities in the ways in which revolution and energy occurs.

They say that prayer does wonders. Some say that it is the direct connection to the inner spirit, to God, or Jesus or Allah, or Buddha, and some say prayer is no more than a connection between ones conscious and subconscious. Any way we look at it if one is to pray, they place energy into the prayer, meditation or belief. One might ask where does that energy go to? It hopefully comes back full circle.

An interesting theory was tested with quantum particles. The Einstein-Poldalsky-Rosen Experiment (the EPR Experiment) has been described by several authors. The situation is of two quantum particles which are once together flying apart and being measured at two distant locations. There exists a connection between the particles such that the fact of an observation of particle A is relayed to the distant particle B, in such a manner that the communication, “does not diminish with distance, cannot be shielded, and travels faster than light.”  The fact of the two particles once being together is sufficient to mingle the particles’ phases (which the author refers to as “quantum phase entanglement”).  This results in the effect being “non-local” (whereas all ordinary light-speed-limited forces are referred to as “local”). In common language what has happened here is this: two particles were placed together for sometime and then separated by a vast distance. Measurements were taken while the particles were separated and they found that the two particles still communicated, faster than light speed, and through all blockades, yes, this means concrete walls and so forth. I FIRMLY believe that this same phenomena applies to human kind though we have yet to harness it's power.

I know this may seem a bit scientific but what we have here is potentially a near spiritual related energy level. Placing this into the context of everyday life may be like this: It is morning time and you are late for work and you stop in at your favorite coffee store to get coffee. Being in a rush and all you have the choice to either present yourself as being in a rush and negative or present yourself as being in a rush and positive. If you choose to present yourself in a positive manner it is more likely that the person who serves you will go about their day in a much more positive way and hence you will have added to the positive side of the wheel. Hence, your connection with that person carries onward. Beware however, the same would apply if you were to approach that same person in a negative way.

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