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"It is my way and no other way"

I MUST begin with passages which declare the founder's teaching to be the one, sole, true and only way. The fact that several founders have made this claim is not meant to invalidate or make relative their claims; each in his own way stands at the summit of truth unrivaled by anyone else. Every reader must inevitably face this radical claim of authority and uniqueness, first by the founder of his own CORE BELIEF SYSTEM, not just by those Founders who stated the comments. We should not think that we are able to arrive at truth merely by the power of our own choice of one mans words alone.

       Other passages describe the ways in which the founders have arrived at their incomparable teachings. There are mainly two ways a prophet arrives at divine intervention: #1 by receiving divine revelation from a transcendent source, and #2 through extensive striving, study, and meditation. Yet even where the mode of realizing truth is through study and meditation, there is margin for error based on material study material alone.  Thus several of the passages to be shared it is easier to say that the majority of the founders findings arrived to them via study and meditation rather than divine intervention, revelations or a transcendent source.

       Several passages describe the founders as teachers and bringers of light, even outshining all previous teachers.  In the concluding passage, which describes the Buddha as not uttering any words at all, we recognize that these founders do not just preach a truth, but realize it, embody it, and convey it by their example. This brings us back full circle to the opening passages, where Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, and others are not only the revealers of an objective Word but the embodiments of Truth itself.

Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to
the Father, but by me."
                     Christianity.  Bible, John 14.6

I [Krishna] am the goal of the wise man, and I am the way.  I am his
prosperity.  I am his heaven.  There is nothing dearer to him than I.
                    Hinduism.  Srimad Bhagavatam 11.12

In the sky there is no track. Outside [the Buddha's dispensation] there
is no saint.  Mankind delights in obstacles.  The Tathagatas are free from
                        Buddhism.  Dhammapada 254

"In any way that men love me in that same way they find my love: for many are the paths of men, but they all in the end come to me."

-- Song of God, Bhagavad Gitam, Buddhism.

Glory be to Lord Mahavira, the source of the Scripture, supreme Tirthankara,
the teacher of the world.
                         Jainism.  Nandi Sutra, 2

Oh, how great is the divine moral law of the Sage Confucius.  Overflowing
and illimitable, it gives birth and life to all created things and towers
high up to the very heavens. How magnificent it is!  How imposing the
three hundred principles and three thousand rules of conduct!  They await
the man who can put the system into practice.
                  Confucianism.  Doctrine of the Mean 27

Muhammad is... the Messenger of God and the Seal of the Prophets.
                           Islam.  Qur'an 33.40

When a document is sealed, it is complete and there can be no further addition. As 'the Seal of the Prophets' Muhammad is regarded as the last prophet, completing for all time the testimony of God's revelation. For Islam, God's teaching will continue in later ages through reformers, sages, and saints, but no more through a Prophet. Qur'an 33.40

    It is quite evident in all passages that the founders have written their passages in such a way that when we place them side by side as in the above example they sound as if they're shrewd business men hell bent after our last dollars, or better yet, our souls! Rightfully so, tithing and souls it is! To begin with I must start with Founder Jesus, and specifically how he could have managed to say, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me." So what he said here is that no one that knew or knows Jesus will get to God, there for they also will not make it to Heaven. A NewsWeek Poll just came out this past week that stated 68% Evangelical Protestants believe that a good person who isn't of their religious faith will go to heaven or attain salvation. Oh WAIT! And a walloping 91% of Catholics believe that a good person who isn't of their religious faith will go to heaven or attain salvation. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE POLL. This means a few things folks:
#1 - A high percentage of Christians and Catholics apparently do not take Jesus' word seriously, "I am the Way... the truth...etc.." which leads to "belief tolerance" which I think is superb! and #2 My prediction is coming to fruition, that of being that we are all in for a major spiritual overhaul and new enlightenment period VERY soon. Preferably prior to 2012. Yes, we are going to have to learn that there are many prophets, several books, multiple followings and beliefs and it isn't until we come together to form a unity that we shall prevail. You see, we are all striving to elongate life as we know it. We are all desperately trying to reduce the risk of death bearing diseases, taking nutrients and vitamins to make us look and feel younger, we're essentially seeking the fountain of youth as we grow older are we not? So why not create a more divine existence upon earth in the physical realm? Why not attempt to create heaven on earth?

     Again, I strongly urge all of those who follow one religious way to seriously start venturing out there and seeking new, colorful and exciting belief systems. I'm not talking about getting involved with occults here folks but I am saying that it might be time to broaden your spiritual pathway to growth. I'm a firm believer that great things have come from both the Eastern and Western belief systems and in fact, at times I have actually leaned over to my father and said, "Dad? I think I nailed down the whole theology thing." He quickly says, "Oooooh nooooo!!!" And I follow by saying, "it's as if at one time there was one large tablature, a massive book, many many years ago. And it came crumbling down upon earth and cracked into several pieces. Well various people took parts of the book and scattered in their own directions and hence now this is what we have. We have a melting pot of religious beliefs, all with good deeds at the core, which all have great books to support them and people too. And perhaps, perhaps it's time for us to try and place this large, heavenly complete book back together again." He replies, "How much Vino have you had tonight?" <<<Chuckle>>> Bottom line is that when you see the "Golden Rule" in every known religious belief you see a formal unity within all of the books and beliefs. And if we all wished heaven upon each other than so be it.

    If you are a Christian and you are looking to expand your theological or religious outlook you might try this. For instance, sharing the Buddhist meditation practice of Metta-Bhavana, or loving kindness with Christians might be an enlightening start. This practice involves locating 'pleasant' sensations/emotions within one's self and then sharing them with others via visualization, extending loving-kindness as far and widely as possible. The nucleus of this practice is always the heart-region, one is usually able to observe the sensations associated with loving-kindness much more clearly than in 'normal' contexts when meditating an energetic transfer of fine and uniform vibrations felt as sensations of warm radiations extending from the heart-center occur. I would welcome any and all Christians to look the practice up and give it a try. It's a simple, harmless, loving and kind way of loving oneself and others.

    Regardless of your belief I simply ask that you open your heart, mind and soul to new and old traditional religions. Seek out what it was like when the world worshiped the sacred feminine, the feline, the one whom carries and gives birth to life; the Goddess or female. What was life like when we all worshiped women? What was life like during the change from worshiping Gods and Goddesses to Christianity? How was the Bible or Quran assembled and by whom? Question your theology and beliefs. Please, don't blindly go into your belief with your strength residing in ones faith. We all have faith and faith alone is enough to place anything into anyone. So take a leap, a jump a step, into un-charted waters and tamper with an area you have not been before. It is my belief that you will find peace in many other beliefs as well as your one main true faith.

And what if we stopped trying to make the differences between our beliefs so glaring and started to look for similarities within our sacred texts, scriptures, teachings and prophets? We would first find more articles such as this -  Jesus and Muhammad- The Parallel Sayings - and secondly we would grow a more peaceful, free and equal society.

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