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          In today's times it's challenging to find peace within the many differing religious and belief systems we have among us. With global warming and greenhouse gases Spirituality, Belief Tolerance and Religious Tolerancebeing the potential cause for more hurricanes, storms, typhoons and other natural disasters we can only hope that humankind won't wait until mother nature forces humankind to come together. I have written this piece on spirituality to assist in reaching for, and eventually finding peace within the differing belief systems. I truly believe that at the center of global peace resides religious belief tolerance, and the turmoil that comes from such beliefs can be made peaceful through a simple choice; "belief tolerance". Venture with me unto new horizons as I place spirituality into a new, neutral, peaceful, global position and positive outcome.

Spirituality Within & Throughout
Who, what, where, art though higher power?
Let us imagine that there is only one higher power amongst us. For clarification purposes let us call this higher power the Spirit. Not to confuse "the spirit" with any single religion or spiritual belief, it is important to view this defined Spirit as neutral, loving and not of taking sides of any one group of people or belief system. With the neutral "spirit" defined, now imagine this spirit residing in every person on earth. Now it is safe to say that if we all have one spirit, and that spirit is in each and every one of us, then that same spirit exists throughout. The spirit exists from within each of us individually and is throughout all of us, globally.

Different yet so much the same 
Separation by beliefs
Spirituality, Belief Tolerance and Religious ToleranceNow let us look at, in a  nonjudgmental way, the known beliefs we have on earth. Each belief has its following, and each follower try's to follow the basic rules of each belief. Many, if not all of these beliefs confide within good deeds. That is to essentially do good and to stray from acts of evil. Many beliefs, if not all, contain the "Golden Rule". The common grounds between these beliefs is the "Golden Rule" and to have a respect for life, dignity, peace, and happiness on earth and to speak towards having a better afterlife. One of the most common themes we have on earth as a people is exactly that, Earth. So if earth is our shared globally commonality, and each belief suggests to respect this commonality, and this is all we physically have to see, hear, smell, touch, taste and sense, then humankind should have common respect for each other, nature and earth. The separation by peoples beliefs is where it begins to fall apart. Where one group says that "my way is the ONLY way". We as a "humankind" fail to realize that at the core of each of us exists a common people, and that it is our different belief systems that tears us apart. Until different religions and beliefs are respective of each others beliefs and a known common goal are met on earth we will not live peacefully. The message here is very clear, that is that "belief tolerance" is inevitable in order for us to live in a much more peaceful, prosperous and survivable world.

The Enlightenment Era
Separated by One until Together
Because of recent leaps that society has taken due to communications, tech
nology, Spirituality, Belief Tolerance and Religious Tolerance politics, big business and medicine, the world seems unable to answer the spiritual questions it once used to for so many. It is safe to say that we see more women and men looking inside of themselves for spiritual direction. Now that people have real time access to global information and we can travel more easily, we are exposed to new cultures which in turn leads more people to question our own cultures. On the political avenue all parties are out of reach to the common citizen and only the corporate colossal and high government and news have access to these giants, leaving the average citizen questioning their future when it comes to the social challenges and the future we face. So, in essence, there appears to be no viable option of where to place our powerful,  individual energy and conviction behind accept within our own selves. Therefore, I sense that we are dawning upon a new stage, or era if you will, that will become what I would like to coin the "enlightenment era". An era in which humanity will have to dig deep into themselves to find a greater spiritual soul sense on an individual basis before a truly peaceful globalization can occur.

Coming together as One
Whether by Choice or by Force
Spirituality, Belief Tolerance and Religious ToleranceThere are several ways in which peaceful globalization can occur however the best path would be by choice. Once organized religion has fragmented due to the "enlightenment era" there will likely come a time in which a massive worldwide fellowship occurs. There are a few ways that this worldwide fellowship could occur. One way to worldwide fellowship will be through massive acceptance of "
belief tolerance" in such a way that even the most extreme worldly beliefs learn to accept each others positions in a peaceful and accepting way. The secondary method by which a worldwide fellowship will form is through pure force, potentially via Mother Nature. To place this into a real world perspective one might imagine the fact of mankind's abuses to mother nature over the decades and then, and only then, begin to realize how we as a global people will be forced together. Global warming, greenhouse gases, earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, floods, fires, disease, famine and multiple other ways in which Mother Nature could reek havoc upon earth are essential in the spark of producing the beginnings of a worldwide fellowship. The outcome of worldwide fellowship is stunning. The fruitful consequences of worldwide fellowship will bring results only dreamt of before. An area in which both Rome and Greece failed.

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