"I Have a Vision"
by: Scott Bruno

Heaven on Earth

Subject: An address to the people and church leadership concerning Heaven on Earth

This memo has been drafted for all the different churches and belief systems leadership in order to share a unified finding in which will address a long standing need to begin to come together in order to achieve the prior unthinkable; Heaven on Earth.

In the summer of 2003 I had a several visions in which many messages and discoveries came to me. I am a very down to earth person, not siding with any particular religious belief, and why these messages came to me I still do not know. I have chosen to write about this experience in hopes of sharing these messages so that we may together make for a better place on earth. It is believed that with a little help from each other we may bring a more heavenly world about. Again, I am not sure why these messages came to me but the main message was very clear; Heaven is on Earth.

I believe that there are two facets to heaven being on earth. The first being that of finding heaven within oneself; a greater inner peace if you will. Secondly that being as the world coming together globally for a more heavenly planet. One man or woman can not do this alone, however, a large group of people, with a vision, and the motivation to make dire change, can reach far beyond our imaginations and make this vision a reality.

Such a goal may draw strict criticism from all corners of the world and all belief systems but all should remember that it is heaven that many, if not all, have been reaching for since the beginning of time. In finding heaven on earth it is not my goal to criticize or lash out at any beliefs, it was very clear that beliefs that contain that of good deeds are those that should be included in heaven. The very first step in the process of attaining the goal of heaven on earth resides within the people and leadership of the churches, and specifically in respecting each others beliefs. Until we learn to love one other, regardless of our beliefs, we will never reach a more divine existence upon earth.

Be aware of "Belief Tolerance" that is, a country, nation or group of people with several different spiritual beliefs residing in the same location in peace. While "Belief Tolerance" is dearly accepted in the United States, and many other countries, we are witnessing lack of "Belief Tolerance" in many areas throughout the world. As leaders in the church communities and of the missions that touch the far reaches of countries around the world it is imperative now to begin a new message. As leaders in the varying churches we need to understand that each of our teachings contains the "Golden Rule" that many if not all of our beliefs wish to perform good and not harbor and perform acts of evil. Our message should be of togetherness and not of "Our way or the highway". The time has come to break down the walls between our beliefs and set our sites upon our common goal.

Imagine a six day weekend one day work week. Imagine our major city streets paved in gold. Imagine, for a moment if you will, those golden streets in summer time with misting scented water and fresh rose peddles strewn about. Imagine driving all of our gas driven vehicles to Arizona for one last gas driven graveyard, to turn in our gas cars for a more Mother Nature friendly mode of transportation. Imagine us pouring more of our resources into the prison systems and mental illness hospitals to produce systems in which cure the people rather than punish them or keep them within the constraints of a broken system. Now is the time to engage in our five senses, to see the color in nature, to smell the flowers, to listen to the birds, to taste the beautiful fruits of nature and to touch another human being in a loving way. Imagine. If we can imagine it, we can make it happen. I have been asked, what about angels flying and the supernatural? I believe that as we nurture along this heavenly procedure so with it will come the super natural eventually. So we must sacrifice now, work hard to make for a greater middle class, to widen the area in which humankind can operate in such a way that true equality rings true. Please, by all means, respect each others beliefs, do not speak down upon your fellow brothers and sisters, for our world is for all to be jubilant within. We all contain a spirit, and that spirit is within each and every one of us and is throughout the entire world. Regardless of race, creed, belief or position in life, we are all here for a reason and that reason should be very clear by now.

Perhaps it is best to share that this vision comes from an all loving God, a supreme being whom loves all races, religions and beliefs. Some basic principles which were offered were as follows:

1. That all beliefs should respect each others beliefs peacefully

2. That each person is a temple within themselves

3. That together we can imagine and produce a more heavenly earth, but apart we will continue to repeat history

4. That the choice of being positive, over being negative, creates positive lasting results

5. That thinking globally and acting locally will help speed the creation of a more heavenly earth

6. That seeking out beauty in all that we see, touch, taste, smell and hear will inherit further beauty

This message is to urge church leadership to halt speaking down upon other religious beliefs and to begin focusing on a more loving global message of cooperation. The truth has come to you now by God and it is now our mission to begin to carry out this loving message of neutrality. Let us begin this, our final approach, together. If you have come across this message and are not a leader in a group please do your best to spread the word. God Speed.

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