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Heaven on Earth


This is the beginning of the compilation of texts that I have written in which will become a book about Heaven on Earth. This is the beginning of the book, it is unedited, and for the most part not ordered, but should offer you a glimpse into the beginning of what to expect for what needs to take place in bringing a more heavenly place on earth.

Where art thou Heaven?Heaven on Earth
hat if I were to share with you that I had found the location of Heaven. And what if I shared with you heavens location and the steps it took to get there. Would you do your best to make it happen? In the summer of 2003 several visions, messages and discoveries came to me. Heaven is on Earth. After keeping these messages and visions to myself for some time I finally decided to share with a few theologians, some doctorates, and some government organizations to come to terms with whether or not I should continue to try and engage in what may potentially be a rather highly divine connection. Upon sharing with others in these varying fields their feedback has predominantly been very positive in regards to whom which I conversed with and many people were confident that what I have been experiencing is a divine intervention; especially the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Some feedback suggested that I should do all I can to maintain the connection in order to gather more messaging and visions and hence share as it comes along.

On a more personal note I will be candid and say that this has been a bit scary for me, no telling how many times I have had to fall back on a quote I stated back in the early part of the 2000's, "Fear is nothing more than the opportunity for courage". I am a very down to earth person, not a religious freak, I rarely pray, though I am praying more often these days, but all in all I am just your average California guy. The last thing I want is for people to think that I am some whacko looking to form a purple cool aid campaign, sorry, not into it.

I will also disclose that some of the deeper messaging that I have  disclosed to closer people to me has urged those people to motivate me to begin speaking on the subject of enlightenment, and perhaps I could do this down the line, but not until order is brought about and there is some semblance to insuring that this movement is about enlightenment, belief tolerance, love and coming together for a common good for humankind. The beliefnet percentages on spirituality are staggering when it comes to a need for a new enlightening format for people to liven up their lives with too, so timing couldn't be better. So onward.............

 I have chosen to write about this experience in hopes of sharing these visions and discoveries so that we may together make for a better place on earth. And perhaps, with a little help from each other, bring a more heavenly world about. I am not sure why these messages came to me but the main message was very clear; Heaven is on Earth. I welcome you to read the "I have a Vision" address here.

Saith Nanak Said: Such is that realm's glory (Heaven on Earth) that to try to describe it is to attempt the impossible.

Yes, the splendors of Heaven resides on Earth, it is within reach of our very hands, minds and souls. Much like Disney once said I think, "If we can imagine it, we can make it happen."

What is heaven? Heaven is created by those people who love here on earth with unselfishness and an absolute, God-centered love. This is the most basic principle, and all other principles you learn are the expansion of this basic truth.

11. Unification Church. Sun Myung Moon, 4-18-77

Behold! between the worlds
of mortals and of gods
There is no difference!
To speak the truth is the world of gods;
To speak untruth, the mortal world.
Good works is heaven,
Bad works is hell;
You are the witness, O Lord.

12. Hinduism. Basavanna, Vacana 239

The world's scriptures describe Heaven as a place of rest, or as an exalted spiritual state, full of divine splendor and communion with the Absolute. There are also descriptions using more graphic and materialistic imagery: gardens of delights, with riches and pleasures abounding. A number of texts describe it as a place of fellowship with the spirits of the departed or a fellowship of saints. We conclude with visions or tours of Heaven: the Buddhist description of the Pure Land, the vision of throngs surrounding the divine throne in the Book of Revelation, and Muhammad's Night Journey.

There the wicked cease from troubling,
and there the weary are at rest.

There the prisoners are at ease together;
they hear not the voice of the taskmaster.
The small and the great are there,
and the slave is free from his master.

1. Judaism and Christianity. Bible, Job 3.17-19

   It is believed that there are two facets to finding heaven on earth. The first being that of finding heaven within oneself; a greater inner peace if you will. Secondly that being as the world coming together globally for a more heavenly planet.  Again, one man or woman can not do this alone, however, a large group of people, with a vision, and the motivation to make dire change, can reach far beyond our imaginations and make these visions a reality.

   You see, if we can imagine it, we can build it. And if we can build it, we can bring it upon us. Yes, I am talking about this very divine place, a nirvana, a state of bliss, a paradise or what many have called, Heaven. We are such a creative group of people, able to create as far back as we can remember in history and now, with leaps in technology we can create things only dreamed of before. Our life expectancy is growing rapidly compared to yesteryear and our rates of health are climbing astronomically. Are we now not medically shooting for eternal life and the fountain of youth? All botox aside, and face lifts too, we are indeed shooting for eternal life and eternal bliss, otherwise known as heaven on earth. But we have a challenge, and a major challenge at that. For in order for us as a "humankind" to reach as far as heaven and beyond we must come together as a single force. A Oneness. A people that does not hate and kill, rather loves and gives life. In order to accomplish this, and the divine presence, we must be tolerant of each others beliefs. Belief tolerance is key in attaining such a divine goal.

    In the momentHeaven on Earth
he moment is all we have some say. Living in the moment is many beliefs true core values, for after all, if we have nothing but now, there is no yesterday or tomorrow. This place of "now" can create a sense of bliss. A euphoria that many of us seek. Some in sports have called it "the zone" in the military they call it a "high level of situational awareness" but in belief systems and enlightenment it is "being in the moment". How do we get there? How do we maintain this blissful state? Can all beliefs realize such levels of bliss? These questions and more shall be answered in the writings ahead. To begin to explore this area more I have written on it and called it the sixth sense. To read more about the sixth sense click here.

   Our Senses
he very first messages that came to me were about our senses and it made me engage in exactly that, the sight, the smell, the touch, the taste and the hearing of our natural surroundings. Something told me to adventure in to nature, to hike up into the hills, to walk along the beach, to dance in the rain and so with it I did. The sights were beautiful, though I was still unsure if this was God's creation or some mastermind of Intelligence who created the wondrous sights. Either way, my belief system did not matter, for what I was witnessing was a very powerful beauty in nature and a divine message. I took pictures that turned out to be incredibly beautiful, some of which became some of the most beautiful pictures my friends and family had ever seen to date. I have shared just a few of these pictures here. As I came out of the natural settings I began to notice more beauty within people, their faces and bodies, no matter who it was I began to see beauty in everyone. It appeared as if this gift of sorts was contagious as well, for the more that I gave off this resilient positive energy the more it reflected back towards me. I had become more in tune with my sense and my senses had become much more sensitive to my surroundings.

   Natural Connections
t has been years since I had owned an animal so I found an old fish tank for sale at a local church and bought it for ten dollars. It has all the works, with a pump, a filter and plants. I bought a few fish and they lived very happily in their newly found environment. I also wanted to experience unconditional love again as I had owned a dog many years ago and wanted to experience this again so I went out and got a German Shepard. His name is Bear. Since he was a puppy I would massage his paws and play with him, training him to sit and fetch and heel as we went on walks. The unconditional love and touching I experienced with Bear was so refreshing that it gave an entirely new meaning to touch. To touch something that is alive, a person, but even a plant, is an exceptionally beautiful thing now, for at the base of this living being lies much more than what is seen at the surface. There are atoms, and molecules and protons and neutrons and activity going on, the activity that makes up our own bodies, and all of these great wonders are a fascinating creation of something greater than us. Remember to pay attention to number in nature too, the numbers of birds in flight, perhaps correlating to your favorite number, a few clouds in the sky, perhaps outlining an interesting number perhaps and so on. I shall grant you that there are many coincidences among us however there are many rich karma induced connections that pass us by daily that we simply never even see. Engage in natural numerology.

umbers were also a large part of the messages I received, above and beyond the already interesting numbers that have played a part in my life such as; I was born on a Friday the 13th, my mother was born the 1st month 7th day and I was discharged from my 1st active duty service in the Army on 9/11/91; Yeah, kind of Eerie, oh well. So in essence the numbers that began to pop up everywhere, whether it had been in purchases I was making or in the numbers of birds flying overhead were the numbers 3, 7, 11, 13 and 21. There was a phenomenal amount of what some may say were coincidences with such numbers, but to me these were simply due process of natural law and a form of communication that indeed what had found me was clearly intelligent and God like in nature. The morale of this message is simple, pay attention to your favorite numbers in all aspects and watch what happens.

he next discovery was rather interesting which is to essentially place the world under a microscope and then a telescope. That is if we are to break down one of the smallest objects known to mankind, the atom, we see rotations of positive and negative forces occurring around a nuclei. Then, if we are to break down one of the largest known objects, a planet in the solar system, we see a near identical force in rotation of the planet in a rotational maneuver much like that of an atom. Whether God's fingerprint, Buddha, Allah or alien, it is no doubt the fingerprint of higher intelligence on this very basis of brilliant creation. Consume it at both the smallest entity and at the largest division, for this, earth, undoubtedly has been brought to us by a higher force, and ladies and gents? If we look deep enough, we can catch glimpses of Heaven here on Earth. :)

Challenges Ahead
t the same rate that I was observing all the beauty with my senses I was also being tuned into the awareness of what we as a people were doing to snuff out the same beautiful things I was admiring. We as a worldly people have been performing negative feats to mother earth for years now and we are seeing the effects just begin to take their toll. We see it most recently effecting the Philippines where rice crops will be negatively effected by an astronomical level due to just a one (1) degree temperature drop. While there are steps being taken to minimize global warming it appears that we as a people are not moving fast enough. We will cover this area in greater detail as well later in the writings but let me make something VERY CLEAR HERE. This is about SAVING HUMAN KIND, NOT SAVING THE PLANET. Hate to break it to ya all but this lil blue planet has been through a whole helluva lot worse than us humans and I've got even worse news, she'd likely shake us off like a bad case of fleas and go on for another 100 million years re-cleansing herself. So hey you Mother F(&*%er in your SUV with a family of 3, WTFU! I shouldn't even whine about this because supply and demand is in effect, the OIL PRESSURE GAUGES ARE ON, and the electric/Ethanol cars are coming. Keep in mind that I wrote much of this content back in 2003-2004 and now we're seeing astronomical changes.

Lastly, as per doing my part to bring Heaven on Earth, I fought my first Battle for NATO U.S. Army bringing down the Berlin Wall, God Bless em and Peace and Love to all of them, and then I spent 3 campaigns in Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi and around there freeing people of atrocities. The crazy think about all those Mid East battles is that just last week, 10/13/05 I found out that I ended a crucial battle in Iraq located at the meeting between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, Otherwise known as a holy place called the Garden of Eden.

Much Peace & Love,

A Gentle Warrior,

Scott Bruno

Road Map to Heaven on Earth (Not in Order)


Atoms and energies of the Universe
The Einstein-Poldalsky-Rosen Experiment (the EPR Experiment)
- Positive and Negative energies

- Karma

The 5 senses
- The 6th Sense
- Situational awareness and "The Zone"
- Jobs of the sixth sense
- Sports of the sixth sense
- Religious practices of the sixth sense

Global Interests
- Greenhouse Effects - See homepage
- Global Warming - See homepage
- Africa/Sudan/Darfur - Massive Humanitarian effort needed with protection!
- Gaza and the West Bank Barrier
- World Hunger
- Tibet
- War/Terrorism
- Religion - Christian/Jewish//Muslim hatred
- Recycling

Gas engines, Fuels and alternatives
- The battle for oil
- New Vehicles, hydrogen, electro, alt fuels, solar, fiber
- Alcohol as a potential stepping stone

State Mental Health systems
- The gifted and the line between talented and mentally ill
- The state in which we place our mentally ill
- The laws governing the mentally ill

Education Systems
- Total Revamp of Financial System
- Reform program that emphasizes good teaching not years of experience
- System that approves and awards good children
- System that pays extra special attention to children with special needs without creating peer pressure or stigma
- Re-structuring peer situation to bring together for instance the geeks and the jocks

State and Federal Detention Centers & Prisons
- Reform programs
- Parole and the programs cycle which lead to endless jail terms

Enjoying ourselves as for the end of days may be nearing
- Based upon a diminishing earth
- Religious or belief based differentials and hatred
- The Mayan calendar and Dec. 21, 2012

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