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  Starting with a rose with a little surprise and then unto Airforce1 flying over our house to some sweet sunsets taken in 2003 and 2004 and then into some interesting pictures of the past I hope that you enjoy these pictures I have shared. I will be unveiling a much grander display of photography soon. If you wish to use any of these pictures please contact us so that we can issue you the full scale images with credits. Thanks, and Enjoy!

Scott Bruno                 

A rose sprinkled with fresh rain

With One

Striped Pacific Colors

Pathway at dusk

Southern tip of Mexico and the Pacific

The Pacific

Peurto Villarta at dusk

A lightening storm in the south

Deep in the Sierra Madre Jungle, left overs from Predator

A galleon warship in the pacific

It took crossing 15 rivers and 6 suspension bridges to find this tranquil water fall, deep in the jungle

The Pinnacles, California

Northern California sunset

Pacific sunset in the north

Pink clouds at night, sailors delight

Gloomy yet fashionably nurtured by mother nature

Atop Mount Agony

Airforce 1 flying over my house

Bear the puppy atop Mount Agony

Daughter Jessica and I in the Bahamas

Red Barn

Horses on the range

Is this what they mean by "Subliminal" Messageing?

My baby April, at hanger 1 Moffet Field Naval Base

The ONE & ONLY "Saying" found within ALL KNOWN sacred texts: The Golden Rule.

Flying "High" over spain - Swanson/Bruno

Do your politicians sometimes lead you to believe that someday we might just wake up and find our whitehouse, no longer there?

Then again, I'm sure that there has been times when you just felt like picking the Whitehouse up and then slamming it back down into its place, only upside down. DO NOT WORRY - these are average, normal thoughts.

I once lived in a Whitehouse, actually, it was called, "The Cloudhouse".

Here, sniff this barrel.

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