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Creating a more heavenly planet on EarthOnline Counseling

It is my belief that through the spread of democracy, worldwide, that the world will come closer to being a "Heaven on Earth". This goal has been attempted by several empires all of which resulted in failure: Romans, Greeks, Egyptians. Unfortunately due to lack of enlightenment worldwide, and specifically the value placed upon life on earth, it will take offensive measures such as war, in order to spread democracy and make for a more peaceful planet.

Hopefully that paragraph clears up what some think I have a conflict over; wanting love and peace but supporting the spread of democracy and the war machine.

One of the key ingredients to the creation of a more heavenly planet is belief tolerance; that is, a country, nation or group of people with several different spiritual beliefs residing in the same location in peace.

The vision seen beyond the days in which the world comes together are amazing. To elaborate on this and make clear the situation we must break it down to basics. The idea is simple, the task huge, but once met, our goals as humankind will be new and limitless.

We must start by producing an entirely peaceful planet. This has never been done before in a civilized manner. Once total world peace is assumed top scholars, doctors, engineers, scientists and other professionals will all come together, pool their talent and resources together and focus on cures for cancer, aids, leukemia and other diseases, we will reach as deep into the ocean as possible discovering things never seen before by the human eye and we will come together to push for living in the final frontier; space. Imagine China and England working on a Jupiter Rover. Imagine a self sustaining eco system that allows for a one day work week for everyone and world hunger at ZERO. We have the ability to do this folks. We, together, can make this happen.

The creation of a utopian planet may scare a lot of people however I do believe that this is what we as a human kind were meant to do. Why not make life easier on all of us? It shouldn't be that difficult. Imagine a one day work week six day weekend. Days full of dance and celebration, food, drink and water sports.

So, with time, and patience we must as a worldly people, begin to respect each others religions and beliefs, seek out the true history behind many of our religious books and maintain our spiritual connection at all times. The key here is to have belief tolerance, or knowing that it is ok that a person chooses a different belief system than you and that you both can live peacefully in the same location.


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