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Ministers, Pastors and Spiritual Leaders - A Charged Challenge

Like a Chameleon, it is time for spiritual, belief and religious leadership to become transformed and adapted for the future. This is imperative to our fruitful existence and grand capabilities of what truly and goodly resides within all of us.

What minister in their right mind wouldn't want to have knowledge and depth on the subject of other religions? And as being a minister it is all so often that one is called upon for such activity as counseling that it would just be plain smart to be a minister well rounded in all faiths and religions. This enables you further. Allows you to minister to a plethora of diverse peoples with a wisdom that a straight forward Christian minister would not otherwise have.

As we launch forward into globalization of our planet it is key that humankind begin to see the similarities in the differing beliefs rather than in the past how we once saw the negative differences of our convictions. Right now there are 70+ Armed Battles being waged on this planet of which over 78% are based upon differences in religion. Just look at Iraq. So it is imperative to become more spiritually well rounded as we dawn the new age and I will tell you why.

Rapid globalization is occurring where eventually we will have a world market, perhaps even a world taxation. America produces 40% of the world's pollution and within 50 years over 50% percent of our known species will be extinct. Global warming is a fact, and with it shall come some devastating actions via Mother Nature. Global hunger, and specifically poverty, has grown to an all time record high, and especially so in the Southern World and in 3rd world nations. What must occur is the execution of a more level playing field where we heavily increase the middle class, clean up the homelessness and hunger and hit poverty right where it counts! I am here to tell you that this land, our land, has the ability to feed the world times 10!

So in essence, religious leaders will now be charged with finding the "likes" instead of the "dislikes" in our diverse spiritualism and hammer it home with tolerance. As this occurs a more peaceful planet will unfold, freeing up resources, money, people, time and efforts to allow for us to concentrate on leveling out global poverty and equalizing global warming. Hence, we will produce heavy cuts in negative medical scenarios, disorders, the criminal system's overblown budget will finally drop, and the WAY OVER INDULGED Police, Security, Military and "Wrath & Justice" machine will grind to a near halt. You see, when we have a system in which people accept each within, and throughout, and have tolerance for one another's beliefs, and a society who engages in good deeds and the positive side of the energy field, there will no longer be a need for the Wrath/Justice Machine. We will be "Doing Good" as has been the divine message and direction of God, the prophets and the immortals all along.

I hope that this "FUTURES" message has suited you well. AAAW to humankind! We cannot afford to wait any longer!

Blessed be all those whom trust in God, that from within he shall grant us the power to see this through, and God Bless the ministers, pastors and spiritual leaders of today, for they have been charged with a divine task to see to it that humankind finally does good.

Much Peace & Love,

Scott Bruno


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