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What REALLY happens when we die?
This question, "What REALLY happens when we die", was recently asked at a light workers forum called Daily OM. While many people fielded the question and then answered it I felt this very interesting need to answer it at an entirely different level. Some of the view based upon logic, other portions based upon true wise spirit, the very fuel that motivated me to answer was not just based upon an the All-Time question that has evaded us since the dawn of time, but by the fuel of imagination itself. Take a chair, get comfortable, and allow for our imaginations manifest.
I think that the soul is somehow based upon energy. Energy also appears to be at the very root of all cellular and microscopic levels, atoms, and energy appears to reach out to the familiar encircling planets, stars, and universe as we have been able to tell thus far. So when we die I think that we eventually will turn into incredible globs of energy, or light. Within this concept also comes the presence of other known globs of energy. So for instance, if we place this into a visual, on earth, and perfection, nirvana, paradise or heaven is reached upon earth eventually, it might look like so:

Envision yourself amongst a great rain forest as this radial beam of light. Almost like Glynda, the good witch of OZ as she enters into view to form a body. She floats down from the sky as a glob of energy to then seamlessly form into a human. Remember that pink glob of energy before Glynda turns into her body?

So, you are on earth, within a beautiful rain forest, and midway up the trees there you are near a tree just being, hanging in mid air, vibrating with a vibrant warm glow, totally content. Up come a few other globs of energy, they float into your space and you immediately feel more warmth and a deeper connection.

Somehow these globs differ in size and depth and color variance, but you know exactly who they are. They are your family as you knew them on earth in the mortal condition. You stay a while together floating and humming until the little one (Your son or daughter) reels both of you in for a movement. A flight of sorts takes place where by following the little one you find yourself coming down through the clouds and then peering together at a stage. In an entertaining way the three of you form together to make one large glob now, very unique in your assumption of total family oneness you float over a stage with the best possible seats in the house. There before you resides Shakespeare in all his glorious fame. You watch a Shakespeare play in all its original form, taking in all the natural beauty, the air, the countryside, the entire theater outside, watching together as one, this historical and rich movement in history. Feelings of joy, bliss and super-love over come the Glob in Oneness until the show ends. In ending the show each of you splits apart gracefully to again become individuals. Also, you look at the stage and Shakespeare, as well as all the other cast members, become globs of energy and float up to you three to just "be". Together now, with the rich historical figures, you trade energy with each other. All is equal and all are based upon true divine energy. A few moments pass and now you yourself wish to lead.

You now remember back to one of your more favorite times in history and then you take flight as the two others follow you. Now you find yourself in Bethlehem, before none other than the manger and Mary. There lies baby Jesus in all his glory, next to him Mary, so beautiful, so gentle and loving, you feel as if Jesus did as Mary picks Jesus up out of the cradle. All of you feel embraced by this incredible love. The three of you form into oneness now again, and the show follows through with the similar situation as was witnessed at the Shakespeare show.

With time being eternal now, the three of you can hook up with all lost loved ones, all the way back to the beginning. All the way forward in the future. You are able to select things, people/souls, shows, experiences from both the past and the future which while on earth you never really got a chance to witness. In all this expanded glory time is yours to live out forever, going as far back or as far forward as you ever wish. Taking turns in leading, inviting other loved ones to join your group, you are following and being followed by loved ones who can take you to an entirely new experience. Even as far to say that throughout the universe you can travel. Explore all the truths and facts about the entire solar system and beyond, soaring through the heavens it is limitless, timeless and never ending in the joy of re-uniting with loved ones, friends, and the truth in all there ever was and is.

Wow, essentially everyone is their very own time machine. So one could venture back to their first years and their house they lived in and it would be identical to when it once was. Then one could zoom forward to any point in time to watch amazing goodness occur. Never ending the experience is filled with blissful meanings and truths that allow for you and all those around you to vibrate in shining bright lights, totally true and filled with unconditional love.

Could you begin to imagine witnessing the totally cleansed earth without mortal humans dirtying it? Hearing all of the species in all their glory as 500+ new species come about each day. Then, in a wink of an eye, enable yourself and a large group consisting of all of your friends and family to go back and witness the Jurassic period. Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

So in essence, death becomes life. :) 

Love, and of course, Light,



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