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The Scandalous U.N.

Secretary Annan PrayingI am so upset at the outcome of this United Nations investigation, I feel used, abused and fully taken advantage of. We, America, pay for 23% of the U.N.'s funding and they lose $60+ billion into thin air. No one knows where it went. Everyone shrugs their shoulders.

How can we possibly place our confidence ever again in such an entity? It is either this approach or why pay taxes? Let's be real.

Kojo Annan - United Nations Scandal For those of you who read this and feel the same way I plead to you to send the same message to your governors and the president. I am utterly tired of this. There is no reason for such abuse of our moneys. In reality these dollars should have been spent on suffering men, women and children in need of basics such as warmth, clothing, food and medicine. Instead, I see my tax dollars riding on a young man in Kojo, and his Gucci outfits, high class meals and Ray Bans. And I MUST ask, does he EVEN care about his brethren in Africa? How about Darfu? Will you Kojo side with the rapists and all of those pillaging the poor there too AND maintain a  job with a Swiss company? I am utterly sickened by such U.N. behavior.

I can only hope that this message reaches you; DEEP. That you too shall understand that we neeKojo Annan - United Nations Scandald to draw the line. We need to hold people accountable. We need KNOW where our funding is going too and preserve the fact that we have the right to know where our money is going too. My intention is not to clothe an already well to do Kojo Annan in Gucci outfits and Ray Bans and watch our funding for worldly good go by the wayside. We have a commitment to the world through the U.N. and that is to preserve peace. Can you imagine how many people we could have fed, medicated, clothed and housed and trained to live on their own for $64 billion dollars?

Join me in spreading discomfort from this outcome. Join me in sending messages out to our leaders that we will not stand by the wayside while we are taken advantage of. Join me in coming together to fight hunger by placing the funding in the correct hands instead of in the hands of a corrupt organization without morals. I ask you this because it is us, the U.S.A., that leads in this world. If we aren't the ones to set the record straight no one will. So please, help set the record straight and contact your leadership and let them know your feelings when it comes to this dreadful loss of funds. After all, if we can't depend on each other who can we depend upon?

In the name of Peace,

Scott Bruno


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