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By Scott Bruno - May 13, 2006

They say that for every end there is a new beginning. Perhaps no such ending and re-beginning has ever been greater then what is dawning upon civilization at this moment. The Mayan civilization developed a calendar system that started in 3114 BC and is of remarkable accuracy and complexity. The calendar describes the sequence and timing of Earth’s electromagnetic fields via the Sun, and human consciousness responds to those fields. The critical factor is not the intensity of the fields but their patterns and the information contained within the patterns. Those patterns that are most similar to the natural temporal configurations of brain activity are most effective - Dr. Michael A. Persinger, a renown cognitive neuroscience researcher.). It is believed that the date of August 13, 3114 BC was the Maya's idea of the beginning of time. What is of utmost importance is that the calendar ends on December 21, 2012.

Most professionals believe that the ending of the calendar will bring a major shift in global human consciousness. That indeed what we will witness will be the dawning of a new, super enlightenment period  of open, honest, caring and loving people who are united to the divine. While there will still be people that seek humanity's lower natures of misery, suffering, hatred and disconnect from the divine, we will encounter accelerated enlightenment at a rate never seen before.

Through global communications, education and belief tolerance there will likely be a blending of eastern and western beliefs which shall amount to incredible levels of world-wide consciousness. It has been suggested that this blend will accelerate people's connections between their sub-conscious and conscious states of being which will equate to instant contact with the soul and the divine.

Because of humanity's new state of personal and global awareness, the presence of divine intelligence will sore to an all time high. This means that we will have more people acting on a more divine level which will result in grand offerings of goodness. People will be more intelligently able to address things such as poverty, violence, criminal rehabilitation, illness, the environment, equality and global unification. We will transcend all boundaries previously known to humankind and grow steadily as people realize the positive impact. Before long world-wide awareness of this massive spiritual enlightenment cycle will catch on like wild fire. More and more people will become one in spirit and expand at an ever increasing rate.

The planet and people by this time should realize the reality of what will proceed. With more people doing good, working in unison with their soul and those souls around them, the impact will be all-embracing and universal. What's more is that humanity will finally be enabled to reach for divinity. And so rivers will become crystal clear, the air beautiful to breath, nut and fruit trees swollen with offerings, mother nature in harmony with what once was and will forever be.

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