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Three (3) Elemental Faulty Logics in Christianity

This document addresses three (3) particular elements of Christianity and the bible which can be viewed as faulty logic, errors in thinking, and elements that hold humans back from essential spiritual growth needed to attain a more enlightened spirit and closer relationship to divinity. The three (3) errors are, #1 - Nearly 100% of the cults known make a middleman or veil between the people and God. What this does is places a block between God and the people. This human filter is referred to as the logos in Greek. #2 - For many Christians the bible gives them a sense that only those who follow Christ will gain salvation and/or go to heaven. In John 14.6 it claims that Christ is the only way to God. #3 - The idea that all mortal humans are sinners and must repent which produces a negative endless cycle of sin, repent, sin, repent etc, is a belief that further blocks people from divinity and doesn’t allow people to believe that they are capable of making consistent good choices and being accountable.

The #1 elemental error within Christianity is the very construction of the logos, or filter, a middleman placed in between the people and God. This tactic does make for a much more attractive and sellable religion because placing a filter between God and the people keeps the people in hell. This logos is presented because the belief becomes that people cannot even begin to comprehend God yet the filter (Jesus) can place God into a simple, definable, position by which the people can comprehend and value, but, perhaps never attain contact with. Another reason why this filtration tactic is an error is because humans should know that they came from God, that God is within each human, and is all around us, and is purely eternal having no need for a logos or filter. Do you not want that direct connection to God? Do you want a block between yourself and God? Having a direct connection to God should surely not leave one misguided, as having a direct, personal, and un-filtered connection to God without any type of interference from a person or sub element of God is a direct and true relationship with God. There's no chance of mans personal agenda getting into that clear, bright, unadulterated connection.

The #2 elemental error within Christianity is the belief that Christians are the only people who are going to gain salvation and/or enter heaven (Some Christians in fact refer to themselves as "the chosen ones"). Having this exclusive belief places the believer in Christ into a major predicament of judgment by suggesting that ALL OTHERS ARE GOING TO HELL. Yet to judge others is a sin by biblical terms and being of a judgmental space is a manifestation of sin. Recent polls show that Christians of all types are showing much higher levels of tolerance and acceptance and in fact are coming to a position in which appears that they are in disregard of the John 14.6 scripture.

The Bibles scripture of John 14.6, says, Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, but by me." A Newsweek Poll asked 1004 American's, "Can a good person who isn't of your religious faith go to heaven or attain salvation, or not?" A staggering 68% of the Evangelical Protestants said, "YES". An incredible 83% of the Non-Evangelical Protestants said, "YES". And a near unbelievable 91% of Catholics polled said, "YES". (NewsWEEK/Beliefnet Poll - August, 1995 - http://www.beliefnet.com/story/173/story_17353_1.html).

Now, what do these poll results say about these Christians beliefs in this scripture? Is this the realization finally, that ALL scripture is highly vulnerable to man's errors? Human's interpretations of what someone said, the writing of something that could be skewed by the writers recording process of the prophets words, personal agendas, translations, time from when original recordings occurred until the present, and other forms of margins for error in the process of recording scripture are present because men wrote the scripture. Lastly, almost 100% of all the other religions have the same type of scripture claiming that their book and their belief is the ONLY way. Ones ability to gain salvation and/or enter heaven is not based upon a persons choice in religion, or sacred text, rather it will most truthfully be based upon ones CHOICES & ACTIONS.

The #3 elemental error in Christianity resides within the faulty logic of sinning. That faulty logic is found in the belief that ALL mortal humans are sinners and must repent in order to be forgiven. With such flawed thought one will NEVER gain ground towards closeness to God where they are more able to reach out to God with their hand and get closer to connecting to the true divine source. This belief also leads to a highly dysfunctional cyclic behavior of sin, repent, sin, repent, sin, repent and so on, leaving the person in a very negative cycle and by which they may never be forgiven for. More importantly is the very fact that this belief allows the follower to not be accountable for their actions. Since when can't we control ourselves? Have we not evolved enough spiritually to realize that, "SIN, IS A CHOICE"? Because sin is a choice and therefore SIN IS AN ACTION. People can be and should be accountable for their CHOICES & ACTIONS. How 2 billion people don't see through this faulty logic is truly a mystery for the ages. Christianity is losing the most members of any other religion currently, and at a rate never seen before, perhaps this is due to some of these glaring errors in belief such as these three (3) brought to bear. The sad thing is that the largest growth percentage currently is within atheism. :( This most likely is due to people feeling burned by so many man injected fusions of religions that they conclude that a God couldn’t possibly exist and do something like this to them.

You are a temple within yourself; in your own right you have a soul and spirit that does not require an interpreter, or veil, or someone to sacrifice their selves for you. And you have ALL the right by your very birth, your soul and your life to have a pure, direct and personal connection with God. This is the surest and fastest way to total and utter enlightenment through taking actions and having accountability of oneself while walking in the light of God.

It's time to be accountable for our Choices and Actions. God wants us to grow. So know in your heart, spirit and soul, which all people have this right to connect directly to God and all people deserve this. And know, that there is not just one religion or one group who shall get into heaven, rather that there are many pathways but only one divine source. And this is the sacred truth.

God Speed,

A Gentle Warrior

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JUSTIFICATION #1  by Religious Tolerance Org Writer: ON LOVE

To me, logic is nothing if not logical. Therefore the 3 errors must all be based on the one faulty premise: That Love in Matthew 22:36-40 is NOT a command: Therefore from that faulty premise, we have the logical logic that it is ok to hate any word, and that therefore Love is DOING a certain action, which becomes impossible and leads to us needing a middleman, only those who are attached to middleman can get saved, and that sin is an action or a reaction.

But if Love is a command, then logically I have to love all words and their opposites, Matthew 5:43-48,and then logically the first fault is in the heart and is to hate any word or name or person or place, and no action or reaction is nor can be a sin, eccles 3:1-8. Romans 14:14, mark 7:21-23, which is why God can forgive us an infinite number of more times than 490 for doing the same action, and we have no need of any middleman but only the need of the medium of Love, which all 'middlemen' solely recommend and re-command: Mark 12:29-34, john 13:35, 1 john 4:16, etc; and all will be saved: Romans 11:26!qed.

JUSTIFICATION #2  by Religious Tolerance Org Writer: BIBLE ERROR

"There are not errors in the Bible" is not a suitable refutation of specific statements that there are errors in the Bible.

I know for fact that there are errors in the Bible (most of the super direct contradictions are relatively benign.... but they are still damning for those who claim absolute accuracy of the Bible.) Two passages that directly contradict one another are errors. So, if there are no errors, how do you explain that there is a contradiction regarding who paid for the potters' field that Judas was buried in?


JUSTIFICATION #3  by Religious Tolerance Org Writer: IN AGREEMENT

Mon Jun 5, 2006 10:30

Agree with you.

Elemental error #1: The creation of a priest as a politician ambassador to God who is allowed to pray to God directly vs. pew renters who are not allowed to pray to God directly.

Elemental error #2: The saved (Christians only) vs. the unsaved Christians (rest of the world). That argument was actually used on national USA TV by an European Catholic child crime covering up Cardinal following 09-11-2001 (Meet The Press with Tim Russert, Laura Bush) as a way to denounce all non-Christians on planet earth in an us (saved Christians) vs. them (unsaved non-Christians) type of logic system (either you're a white WASP and saved or a non-white, unsaved person/heathen/pagan/barbarian/Viking/whatever).

Elemental error #3: Yes, some non-profit Churches routinely refer to their members as sinners as in the European Church where those who worship Mary as a Goddess pray to Mary as sinners to save them (worship Mary instead of God) vs. pray only to God who is superior to Mary (God created the universe according to the Bible, not Mary).

ISLAMIC REPLY: #4  by Religious Tolerance Org Writer: ISLAM REPLY

Well, in Islam

1. There is no one between you and God. Everything is between you and Allah. As for the Imams and Sheihks, they are learned men who have studied Islam and all of the sciences and understood the material and they teach it to people who are not learned in those subjects.

2. Again, Above. In Islam, each Muslim is to pray to God himself. It is between you and Allah.

3. The concept of original sin is not in Islam. Each person born into this world is of clean slate. Once the person has reached puberty, they are accountable for their actions.

In the bible it states that during Revelation, "peoples tongues shall melt in their mouths" and, "Peoples eye balls will melt in their sockets". Well at the time this was written we didn’t have any weapon that would produce such an outcome. We do now. Nukes. And why wouldn't Iran act, especially after saying that Israel should be wiped off the map? This would be the perfect time to "Put to Test" the biblical prophecy by way of Muslim action, no? In fact, why wouldn’t the Christian devout Bush want this? Well the fact of the matter is Bush knows more about the truth then many think. There is a way around revelation and it resides within humanities ultimate reach for the divine through tolerance of opposing religions, an unconditional love, a strive for peace, a fast forward to freedoms and eventually, after world peace is achieved, so shall follow the final steps towards what we have been trying to do since the beginning of dawn, reach for the final frontier.



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