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These are VERY rough cut MP3's from a single track recording system so the quality sucks but I'm hopeful you will get the feel for some of what I have been creating. I will be doing my best to get some better recordings done one of these years :). At the bottom you will find lyrics.
* Recently re-recorded
  White Laced Underwear
Written sometime way back in 1985 by Mike Spencer and I, but not recorded until now: 2010.
World as One * Written in Winter 2002 during the build up to operation Iraqi Freedom. A song with a dream of the world eventually coming together as one.
We're the U.S.A. * This is my latest piece and is for our great nation, the troops and their family members. It's a boot stomper even though I am not your average country type. The least we can do is support our troops that really don't want to be there.
Gentle is the Warrior Written in 2004 for the soldiers and family members of Operation Anaconda and Operation Iraqi Freedom and those serving in our armed forces. It has a Pink Floyd style to it and I will warn you, it is a little bit sad.
For those who greet the positive day Another tune with heavy Pink Floyd influence. Written and composed in Spring 2004 and mainly inspired by a very trying 2003.
Go Softly This is just a peaceful music piece that is a spin off of world as one. I wanted to create a soft acoustical version of the original song for an eventual relaxation CD I hope to produce later in the year.
Can we Believe "We can Believe" * Written and composed in mid to late 2003 after finding a theory that stated heaven was on earth. And no, I am not some evangelistic bible thumper! LOL Think "Holistic goodness" Believe!
Can you come out and play This song is a surf tune spin off which I composed in March 2004 and did so for my daughter and surfer girl Jessica. It is a very rough cut but will have to do for now. :)
Sgt. Alone This song is attributed to veterans, especially those forgotten and/or who are alone and isolated. I composed it many years ago and in 2003 wrote the lyrics and finished it off in 2004.
No Can Do Written and composed in the 1980's this song was one of those high school garage band songs we played at parties. I wrote it while being between two bands of which were called Castle Rock and Hit & Run.
Make my Day The music to this song I wrote in the 1980's and the lyrics originally were written by my long time friend Mike Spencer. The original name of the song was called "White Laced Underwear" however I made several adjustments to the lyrics and the tune as a whole and changed the name entirely to Make my Day.

For Those Who Greet the Positive Day
Do what you can with what you have,
and you'll go far with who you are.
And don't look back at a negative past
For the past is never, long to last

And the future holds a better way
For those who greet the positive day

They'll be times when you slow to a crawl
And deep nights when you'd rather bail
But happiness is not in always failing
Rather rising above every time you fail

the future holds a better way
For those who greet the positive day

Head Strong Stead strong is the way to be
and live your life as you are free
to do so and be so you shall see
is all we can ever, ask to be

the future holds a better way
For those who greet the positive day

We Can Believe
We live and we love, we push and we shove,
and we spend our days searching.
From above and beyond, we ride on wings long,
with mothers soft nurturing.

Can we believe, we can believe.

We gnaw and we claw, through the times and the strife,
seeking out healthier life.
Where natures in a race, with the time and the space,
yet it cuts like a knife.

Can we believe, we can believe.

There's days that we've wronged, and the times that we've songed,
we've got to come together.
We conceive and intrigue, then leave and retrieve,
there's something in forever.

Can we believe, we can believe.


My True Love
Dreamy days, no matter the place, without a doubt it's you and I.
The world's our stage, our smiles they face, with a love so great we needn't try.

Well I'm going to love you like the heavens above you're my true love.
My true love.

Sunshiny hair and sparkling eyes, you are the match for me.
With a breath to spare, in tune with our sighs, we certainly were meant to be.

Well I'm going to love you like the heavens above you're my true love.
My true love. 

Rainy days, the clouds they'll lend, plentiful to make us feel blue.
But then is the time, and the time is then, for staying strong will see us through.

Well I'm going to love you like the heavens above you're my true love.
My true love. 

Gentle is the Warrior
Welcome peaceful warrior
on the fight to freedoms end,
on a march to free other countries,
where we may even lose a friend.
And all the world's a watch,
upon our every march,
Gentle is the warrior.

The bullets mortars whizzing,
where will the next ones land.
As politicians pissing,
when will they just shake hands?
And all the while we fight,
terrible's the sight,
even for the gentle warrior.

Then there is the family,
at home they sit and wait.
For hope and peace and sanity,
God, please grant them faith.
On their perch they sit,
God damned if they'll quit.
Gentle is the warrior.

World as One
Imagine a world, a world as one
Where all good works, set us free
Could you believe, and can we become
that world of one, where its not just about you or me

Envision beliefs, where there are no walls
Where hugs replace, God awful falls
Where faces smile, and smiles do call
Upon a dream of fun, a simple sum, a world as one

Creation exists, within our grips
Whether fast or slow, with hearts in the know
wearing our souls, upon our lips
we'll never know, if we don't grow, a world as one

Tell me it's true, together we'll find
Peace of mind, and a history to come
a past so rich, and oh so kind

together let's dig, one by one, a world as one.

Sgt. Alone

Protect her and savor her, the colors run deep
With red, white and blue they streak
But battles come and go so fast
and for the masses, memories don't seem to last.

So come tell me, of your worries,
wearied warrior, full of stories
Through all that's shown, and all that's known
Cold as stone, is Sgt Alone.

Sgt. Alone, been here before
On my own, don't want it no more
can ya hear me, can ya feel me
or have you already walked out the door.


Forget me not, my veteran friend
for this aint the beginning, nor the end
of memories and hardships I must lend
of stories forgotten, we still seem to send.


Remember this our precious populous
that some of us return so damn shameful
but our pride allows nothing to topple us
we just ask for a simple thank you.


And when we get to Heaven,
to St. Peter we will tell,
Just another soldier reporting Sir,
I've done my time in hell.

We're the U.S.A.
In trying to find a way to make all feel proud
And on my journey, not to be loud
One things for sure, and surely it's been
Is that our pride comes from deep, deep from within.

It begins within yourself, within you and you and you,
And carries on through, the red white and blue, 
But most importantly has been what I've found, 
IS that it's contagious, and it's going around!

So Come Alive and realize, We are here to stay, 
We aint no Rome, We aint no Greece, we're the USA!!

Whether you live in Iraq, or in the far east, 
It makes no difference, we're out for peace, 
And if you're not treating your people good, 
we've got something coming to your neighborhood. 

We are no more or less, than any other, 
We treat with and respect our fellow brother, 
And value each others beliefs and religions, 
And if you don't like it, you'll be our next mission!

So Come Alive and realize, We are here to stay, 
We aint no Rome, We aint no Greece, we're the USA!!

If you ask our warriors, they tell the same story, 
They'd rather be at home with family -n- ole glory,
But instead they sacrifice in all that we see them, 
In the fight for Love, Peace and Freedom. 

So don't give no shit to our people in uniform, 
Or else you might feel the wrath of freedom, 
Yeah, that's right, until you walk in their boots,
It is best to do your best to support your troops.

So Come Alive and realize, We are here to stay, 
We aint no Rome, We aint no Greece, we're the USA!!

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