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One of the main reasons behind the U.S. wanting to control Iran and their nukes perhaps resides within this discovery I have to offer:

In the bible it states that during Armageddon, "peoples tongues shall melt in their mouths" and, "Peoples eye balls will melt in their sockets".

At the time this was written there were no such weapons that could create such an outcome, but now, we have the weapon and it is called nukes. The fear that Iran, a Muslim state, would gain access to nukes is ever more in need of control because this Muslim country would love to challenge the western belief in revelations by trying to kick it off. The threat that Iran would love to "test the prophesy" by sending nukes into Armageddon, Israel, is real and therefore the U.S. may take every measure to insure that this does not happen.

And why not you may ask? Because quite simply it isn't a challenge of us against them, or preaching about how my religion is the right way and the only way, rather it is about the ultimate challenge; the very essence of our countries making, that from one nation from many people, who God has favored their undertaking, shall bring a new order of the ages. By choice, and by action, we, the diverse people, essentially have been challenged by God to help create a more divine existence upon earth; Heaven on Earth. The founding forefathers knew this, the more enlightened know this, it's time that everyone knows this.

What can you do to help bring a more divine presence upon earth? Choose goodness, as it is the ultimate way to Heaven.


And on the Legal tender of the U.S. One Dollar bill you will find in Latin:


"E PLURIBUS UNUM", meaning "Out of many, One." *


"ANNUIT COEPTIS", means "He/She/It has approved our Beginnings." *


"NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM", is interpreted to mean "New Order for the Ages (To Come)." *

Much Peace, Love & Light,


Scott Bruno


* E(x) Pluribus Unum - does not mean "One nation from many people", but "Out of the many, one" representing how the Original Thirteen Colonies came together under one flag, making one out of many. Virgil originally coined it describing how many colors coming together formed one single color.
* Annuit Coeptis - does not mean "God has approved our undertakings". The phrase comes from annuere (to approve) in the third person singular - annuit. Coeptis follows coeptum which comes from the verb coeptere, translating as beginnings or undertakings. There is no Deus here;, rightly translated it just says "He/She/It has approved our beginnings". We must remember also that the Founding Fathers of the United States had Deist-leaning views, so more likely, the He/She/It is Divine Providence of which Jefferson speaks about, rather than the Christian God.
* Novus Ordo Seclorum does not mean "New World Order" or "New Order for the World" or anything with World in it. (That would be Novus Ordo Mundi). Seclorum is the plural genitive of saeculum meaning century, age or period of time. "Novus" is not best left as "New" but "A New thing". So, the appropriate, albeit widely disregarded, translation, would be "A New Order for the Ages [to Come]", signifying the change from an oppressive Monarchy to a Constitutional Republic.
  Capitam nostram e cavum amoveamus atque proficiamus.




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