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Is the Da Vinci Code True?An interested fellow whom I respect, a Warrior in the Air Force, was interested in some of what I had written about the Da Vinci Code and more specifically that of the potential truth of the Holy Grail and his worries about that truths impact on Christianity. He wrote, "I think what the Da Vinci Code actually said in its conclusion is exactly what we should be doing. If it is in fact true than wouldn't the worlds religious followers hurt more if they actually knew the truth of the matter we are discussing. Wouldn't it do more harm than good?"


I Replied and in doing so thought I would share my reply:

It is the same as of any historical situation as relative to that of a UFO. "If I can't see it I can't possibly believe it!" We have something a little more logical with history though. We have many people documenting the past, some whom were no where near each other and others who didn't live when others did. And well, this is where we see some of the same stories, or gospels, in the bible told slightly differently by mark than by peter and so on. History suggests, or it is our recent findings, that some of the gospels, or scriptures that wrote about Jesus as a mortal man survived Constantine's burnings.... i.e. the Dead Sea Scroll and the Coptic Scrolls. Here we have carbon dated material which is factually dated back to right around a few years AD, FACT. You can go see it at the Smithsonian to believe it. BUT, there are some of these scriptures that you and I shall likely NEVER see. The Vatican has buried them deep in their taverns and hence they're now under deep lock and key. And yes, perhaps it is time to "let it be".

I do not believe that the worlds religions would hurt from knowing the truth because of this. Jesus said, "I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH.... IT IS ONLY THROUGH I THAT YOU GET TO THE FATHER" (I.E. HEAVEN) and THAT, my friend, was a mistake on Jesus' behalf. There would not be the "Golden Rule" within so many religions if this were the case. http://www.scottbruno.com/golden-rule.htm

And now a Newsweek Poll just asked this:

Can a good person who isn't of your religious faith go to heaven or attain salvation, or not? Can you believe that 68% of the Christians said yes and 91% of the Catholics said yes http://www.scottbruno.com/poll_newsweek09-05.htm

What does this mean? The church, my man, is crumbling. We are coming upon a second enlightenment period in which will climax around 2010. You see, people are realizing the "spirit, the ONE, that they need not a church for salvation. And so, around 2010+ or minus a few there is a great chance of two things happening from there. Worldwide Fellowship, or Human-Made and Mother Nature Assisted issues beyond proportions we have seen for quite some time. Recent fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, floods and other issuances by Mother Nature are just a prelude, a warning of how easily this planet could shake humankind off itself like a bad case of the flees. It's no longer about "Save the Planet" its about "Save Humankind" and there is only one way we shall accomplish this, by coming together, as ONE.


You will note on my site my writing about Love/Hate Democracy and War. I am a highly decorated warrior myself, glad to have gotten rid of a few real nasty humans in my time. You see, democracy is the best known system to date, and that my friend, is why we are spreading it as fast as we can. America is as close to Heaven on Earth as any country has come. Argue against that. Granted we have SO MUCH work to do, but by spreading democracy throughout we will eventually come together, under a space in which all people, regardless of belief, can live, love, work and play, without fear of being blown up every day.


So yes, the Christians MUST KNOW that their book and their Prophet has its faults, and they need to come down off of their high horse and reason with reality. It's time for Belief Tolerance.

I will close with a little secret I was so kindly issued by none other than a supreme being. An All-Loving Super Power told me that he is in each of us, and is through out, everywhere at all times, he is ONE. He is in the followers of Buddha, the Catholics of Rome, and those of Tibet, he is even in those far placed people in the African jungles, perhaps even more so now than ever, for it is in places like that that the Supreme Being would gallantly show himself in ways that only a wise tribe with roots dating back 10,000 years could handle. What is important, of most importance, is what is in all of the beliefs books on a general level. Do Good. Do not Harm others. You will be granted a place in Nirvana, yes, on Paradise Plaza, Utopian Way, otherwise known as Heaven.

Much Peace & Love,



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