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web designScott Bruno has extensive experience in government web design including government internet and intranet web site design. if you are interested in learning more about Scott Bruno's work in the field of government web design please read more below or visit

With various web design accessibility policies and rules placed upon the government sector Intrawork has made a great effort to address the need for public accessibility of government information in web design. One for the challenges in this market is that many systems within the government sector of web design are outdated and yet at the same time agencies are required to make information available via today's technologies, namely information access via a browser. While Intrawork isgovernment web design sensitive to legacy systems our experience has been to develop a plan that often times addresses the legacy to browser challenge. Through various methodologies and in some cases custom workarounds, Intrawork enables government organizations to get up to speed with current technologies while not jeopardizing their current well proven and solid legacy infrastructures.