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A New Breed of Warrior
The requirements needed for the warrior of the 21st century and why
The latest action of war in Iraq and the middle east has changed the battle field and the requirements to become a 21st Century Warrior.
Scott Bruno.com
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
By Scott Bruno

War is such the most wicked experience one could ever imagine. Tragic, traumatic, unrelentless, cold, brutal, oozing from post traumatic echoes for years to come from those who must witness war. Today's warriors are quite thankful for technologically advanced conditions via body armor, latest weapons, cutting edge digital equipment that is placing the GI's life and mission first. In the most recent battle field scenarios we are witnessing a new type of strategic battle. Enemies are using IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices), triggered systems, filming their bombings, and using tactics based upon the mindset of the once known Japanese Kamikaze. Today's battlefield entails many intelligence mindsets who combine intelligence with brute force but are also willing to protect the secrecy of the mission and die by missions end taking all evidence with them. This in turn changes the counter forces objectives, training and basic carnal knowledge of the formal art of war. What America needs in its warriors in a soldier that is both intelligent and handles hand to hand battle with precision. With information technologies making way for live, real-time communication soldiers are enabled with prime intelligence prior to making any critical decisions in battle. The battle has shifted from the fields of sand, forests, water and all other known locations and has migrated to books and balls.

Some say the ultimate soldier will amount to an all robotics soldier. This way, we will no longer place humans at risk of being injured, maimed and killed on the battle field. There is an unfortunate twist to the story though. Recent battles have shown us that we're getting to a battle field that is located in the intelligence and gang like force groups. In other words, we no longer throw thousands of troops against thousands of troops and through tactics, training, food and rest, the strong survive and win. No, war is no longer fought like that. Instead, war has gone to a completely new level which requires high technologies, small groups of highly trained people, and secretive strategies that rarely if ever get leaked before the terrorist act is actually executed. And even after the terror strategies are initiated, all whom were involved parish while taking the secret plans to their graves. Look at the various examples of embassy's, Syria, Afghan, Iraq, Iran, the middle east, all of where surprise explosions occur and there is no warning. Aach country has training camps for Extremist Muslims to be trained to become intelligence officers with hand to hand fighting abilities and great discipline to the secrecy of a project that involves ending ones life in the name of the mission. I'm sorry to admit but with those credentials even or own secret services and special forces are out done. This is largely in part due to the Kamikaze like spirit of the terrorists existence.

Because of this new shift in enemy strategy it takes an extremely intelligent and physical counter force to win the battles. If we look back through history America has always made the critical adjustments to its fighting machine in order to win the war in the end. This time will be no different. The U.S. needs to begin recruiting and training an all new type of warrior. Perhaps going as deep as recruiting middle eastern men who have great knowledge of the Muslim's beliefs and western ways in order to infiltrate the Al Qaeda mainstay. Not only does this need exist but so should there be an over all increase in the recruiting of special agents and special forces members. There appears to be the need for real-time information systems on the battle field so that warriors can make pin-point decisions in critical times during their highly critical missions. This requires that the warrior be of higher intelligence and having the physical abilities to overcome several other men at the same time in a close quarter battle field environment. So the combination of technologies, with intelligent, agile and physically fit people seems to be the key to winning future battles.

If you think you have what it takes, come look at clandestine career opportunities, or how about being a part of Delta Force, or the Airforce PJ's, Marine Recon or Navy Seals? Like Nike always said, "Just Do It!". :)

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