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Are you on Board?

The Challenge:
The planet is heading fast for a natural cycle of self cleansing, a self recycle that will result in a global wide reset to as far back as the cellular level of life itself. This means that at the end of the cycle, the only living organisms left on earth will be at the cell level. This is not a matter of if, but when.

The Solution: Mass Self Healing.

The people must stop depending upon their vote, or upon their leaders, politicians or government agencies to stop this Mother Earth Rebirth from happening. It is time for mother earths children to take into their own hands their own destiny, and at a fever pitch. What does this mean to every one of us? How can we take ours, and our children's destiny's into our own hands?

We must awaken from the short term tunnel vision of instant gratification, and realize the critical dysfunctions that we have unknowingly embraced and supported. We must not deny that the little worlds we've built around ourselves could indeed come toppling down. For some this has already  happened. The U.S. alone has been dealing with nearly 500,000 new unemployment claims per month for nearly two years straight (2008-2010). The critical dysfunctions we've grown to know and become comfortable with, become clear when one becomes knowledgeable of their presence, and present of their logic.

For example, Earth Day was established in 1970 by a vast array of worldwide standouts that included  professionals and scientists from all discipline areas, and from all walks of life. The Earth Day effort was the melding between personas such as the crew-cut military jock, and the hard partying long haired Berkley doctorate. Not only did these people set aside their differences on that April 22nd day in 1970, but they did so for something much greater than they were and still are today. If you ask nearly any of those founders of Earth Day the following question, "Having found Earth Day in 1970, how successful do you feel your efforts have been when looking back on things today?" They will answer, "It was a great success for the time, and while much of what we laid down back then has grown and prospered since then, the true fact of the matter is that we, humanity, have chosen to simply prolong the inevitable instead of having taken the right action, at the right early time." So why weren't such important things taken with more seriousness?

Perhaps the best example of how things have happened, as well as the reason we find ourselves in the position we do today can be illustrated through this example: Having relied upon a political/leadership system that is based upon a 4 to 8 year focused term, like as in the term of the job of President, we voted and welcomed in our leaders who's best interests we're mostly focused upon a 4-8 year timeline. To understand how little a presidents focus is upon issues and goals that extend past their 4-8 year office term we need only focus upon one single fact since 1970. That being that only one president since 1970 has made the environment and Earth one of his top 5 issues and agendas. Our political system simply does not take into interest the longer term issues, and in fact is as much the opposite as is our lives today; in living for the moment, in the now or never, and within the need for instant gratification we all so freely embraced. So shall we now wait until the Mother Earth Rebirth is in motion and the issue becomes relevant in a presidents 4 year term before we make a difference? What can we do to make up for the lost opportunities, loss of resources, and perhaps most importantly the loss of time?

The 7 Challenges to all Human Kind:

  1. We must stop denying the fact that our little worlds we've created for ourselves could actually collapse. Our worlds can, and they will collapse, if we do not act NOW!
  2. We must stop spending our money upon goods and services of the corporate kind. Instead, we must modify our living by purchasing local owned, local made and local operated products and services.
  3. We must immediately stop buying ANY products and services which are packaged in plastic and or other "Oil Based Systems". (More Specifically: Plastic bottles of all types, The Products with plastic SO THICK that it is a fight to get open without bleeding from being stabbed  by the plastic).
  4. We must begin to watch what we eat and drink, and rather than depending upon federal mandate, or the FDA, we should seek out alternative sources for a truer understanding of our eats and drinks.
  5. We must question the very ethics and motives of our current medical industry supplies. Through such questioning  we must embrace an umbrella medicine plan closer to our natural beings.
  6. We must stop depending solely upon the main stream media as our sole source of information and we must begin to embrace sources of knowledge, news and information that are not of a monopoly.
  7. We must prepare ourselves for the unexpected and ready ourselves for a future of abundance in health, happiness and LIFE!

In closing I would like to challenge you to ask yourself, and the loved ones you share your life with the following question:

Do you know why it is throughout the world, from land to land, and from the ancient civilizations until now that we all have referred to our planet as Mother Earth? Because the planet is our mother, and we are her children. She helped give us our lives just as Mother is too Nature. Now, I know that most all of us alive today, know what can happen if we cross our mothers.


Author: Unknown


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